Thank you for visiting El Centro New Generation Church’s website. I appreciate you taking the time to know more about who we are and what we believe. My name is Eddie Merino and I am the Pastor of New Generation Church.

I encourage you to check out our service schedule to come and join us for a blessed time in the house of God. Here at New Generation we believe in serving all people no matter their past or present condition. Our love for Christ empowers us to fulfill one of His own missions here on Earth, to serve people out of love.

Our Staff and congregation will welcome you with a warm smile and sincere “God Bless you,” when you walk through our doors. I guarantee you will be blessed.

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English Sermons

You can listen to the English Sermons on Itunes Podcast./ Puedes escuchar las Predicaciones del Servicio Inglés en el Podcast de iTunes.

Spanish Sermons

You can listen to the Spanish Sermons on Itunes Podcast./ Puedes escuchar las Predicaciones del Servicio de Español en el Podcast de iTunes.

Wednesday Bible Study Sermons

You can listen to the Wednesday Bible Study Sermons on Itunes Podcast./ Puedes escuchar las Predicaciones del Estudio Biblico en el Podcast de iTunes.

Our Motto/ Nuestro Lema

"Think different today, live better tomorrow."
"Piensa diferente hoy, vive mejor mañana."

Our Vision/ Nuestra Vision

To reach multi-cultural people, make disciples of Jesus Christ to fulfill their ministry and reproduce here on earth for God's Kingdom.
Alcansar gente multicultural, hacer discipulos de Jesucristo para cumplir su ministerio, y reproducir aqui en la tierra para el reino de Dios

Our Mission/ Nuestra Mision

Love God, Love People and Love Serving.
Amar a Dios, Amar a la gente y Amar servir.

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Our Ministries

Here are a few things are church is currently involved within the Imperial Valley. If your are interested in participating in any of this ministries contact us and let us know!

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Ayudando a los Pobres

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Apoyo Misionero

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Alcance a Mexicali

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Consejería Matrimonial


Save the Date

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Church Picnic/ Picnic de la Iglesia

Come join us at Pine Valley for a church picnic. For more info speak with Oscar Andalon. / Ven a disfrutar un tiempo con la iglesia en Pine Valley. Para más información hable con Oscar Andalon.
09:00 PM
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SPD Mens Camping/ SPD Campamento De Varones

The men group will only be staying at the camp for two days in Camp Whitsett by Bakersfield but the camp last till the 9th. Registration is $120 at the door if you want to go speak with Oscar Andalon. / El grupo de hombres solo se quedará en el campamento durante dos días en Camp Whitsett de Bakersfield, pero el campamento durará hasta el 9 de Septiembre. El registro es de $120 en la puerta si quiere hablar con Oscar Andalon.
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Region 1 Women Fellowship/ Region 1 Confraternidad De Damas

Our Region is gathering together for a mini conference in The Redeemer Church in Brawley. For more information speak with Mayela Andalon/ Nuestra Región se reúne para una mini-conferencia en Ia Iglesia del Redentor en Brawley. Para más información hable con Mayela Andalon.
08:30 AM
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Water Baptism/ Bautismos En Agua

We will be having water baptism on Sunday after church service at Oscar Andalons House in Imperial. If you wich to take the next step in your Christian walk sign-up in the back . For more info speak with Pastora Monica Merino./ Tendremos bautismo en agua ese domingo después del Servicio de Español en la Casa Oscar Andalons en Imperial. Si desea dar el siguiente paso en su caminar Cristiano, regístrese en la parte de atrás. Para más información hable con Pastora Monica Merino.
01:30 PM
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Young Adults/ Adultos Jovenes

Ages 19-30 are welcome to come to our new group which will be lead by Pastors Eddie and Monica Merino. Location to be announced soon. /Jovenes de edades de 19-30 años son bienvenidas a nuestro nuevo grupo que será dirigido por los pastores Eddie y Monica Merino. El lugar donde nos juntaremos sera anunciado pronto.
07:00 PM
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Feed The Homeless/ Alimentando a Los Pobres

We will meet at the front of the church that morning. If you would like to help, please bring 20 sacks of lunch with: Two breakfast tacos, Capri-Sun and Chips. Were also accepting donation of water bottles, socks and toothbrush sets. If you want to volunteer speak with Efrain Lopez/ Nos encontraremos en la iglesia en la mañana. Si desea ayudar, puede traer 20 sacos de almuerzo con: dos tacos de desayuno, Capri-Sun y Sabritas. También aceptamos donación de botellas de agua, calcetines y kits de higiene. Si quieren ser voluntario hablen con Efrain Lopez.
07:00 AM
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SPD Womens Retreat/ SPD Retiro de Damas

Don’t miss out on our yearly retreat up in Murrieta Hot Springs. Cost is $210 before September 6 with lodging and food included. To register speak with Mayela Andalon. / No te lo pierda, nuestro retiro anual en Murrieta Hot Springs. El costo es de $210 antes del 6 de Septiembre con cuarto y comida incluida. Para registrarse, hable con Mayela Andalon.

Service Schedule

DayCare during all services (Childrens class is different than DayCare)
Guardería infantil durante todos los servicios

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
escuela dominical 09:30 AM
English Service 09:30 AM
Spanish Service 10:45 AM
Childrens Class 09:30 AM
10:45 AM
07:00 PM
Prayer 06:00 PM
Discipleship 07:00 PM
Bible study 07:00 PM
Church Cleaning 05:00 PM

Want to Donate

Our church is very proud to support the work of missionaries around the world. Please keep in prayer the family of Efrain Figerou and Troy Taylor. To donate click the link on their names or you can donate to our church which gives a monthly amount to their continued work in the field. Through out the year we also head down to Mexicali to help out pastors around the area and many children and families who are blessed through the donations and gifts collected.

Donate Online
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Tithe and Offerings

You can give your Tithes and Offerings online with out having to go to the bank through pushpay.